Air drummers, make music! The PocketDrum drumsticks sound just like the real thing


TLDR: The PocketDrum Bluetooth drumsticks reproduce the sound and feel of playing real drums, but without the expensive and bulky drum kit.

It’s the refrain of every parent who has been exasperated since the dawn of time. As a child pushes his way through learning to play the guitar, grabs the piano, or saws the strings of mastering the violin, this ailing parent inevitably says, “Well… at least they didn’t want to learn. playing the drums. “

However… what if the doomsday scenario happens? What if your kid was the mutant in a million who must learn to play the drums?

Hope they are as good as Nandi bushell. Assuming they aren’t, there is at least an answer for those who want to encourage the pursuit of drum mastery without feeling like their head is now a bass drum.

It’s there that PocketDrum Bluetooth Chopsticks Come in. At the moment they on sale for almost $ 20 off, only $ 118.95 by TNW Deals. Indiegogo supporters were impressed, funding the PocketDrum up to nearly $ 500,000.

Whether you are really trying to learn to play the drums or just need Get your inner Keith Moon, the PocketDrum has you covered. They look like a standard set of chopsticks, but they’re actually packed with tech. A portable and quiet drumstick set, they sync via Bluetooth with the AeroBand app so you can drum and hear it through headphones like you’re actually playing on a multi-room drum kit, complete with bass , snare, treble toms, crash cymbals, hi-hat, the works.

PocketDrum sticks are highly responsive, vibrate and even light up with every hit, perfectly replicating the amount of force generated by each snap of the wrist. With that authentic feel and sound, they’re perfect for new learners trying to get a feel for the skin, as well as experienced drummers just trying to stay sharp.

The AeroBand app also helps you stay engaged with drum tutorials and immersive game modes to hone your skills. And with your headphones on, no one around you has any idea that you are currently Crush Tom Sawyer Crank Up 11.

And even with Rush’s love for long, long, and long songs and drum solos, the PocketDrum gives users 10 hours of battery life. It might even help you discover the A side of one of their albums …

Regularly $ 139, PocketDrum Bluetooth wands are now available with $ 20 savings, bashing the final price at just $ 118.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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