How to Fix “To Allow Access Please Respond On Your iPhone” ?

Has your iPhone got disabled and now you are connecting it to iTunes so as to enable it? If yes, then you might get an error stating that ‘To allow access please respond on your iPhone”. There can be any reason for this error to be displayed. Moreover, you need not worry as this isn’t a big issue. Apart from this, it can be solved in just a few sticky minutes.

Are you looking for the solution for how to fix “To allow access please respond on your iPhone”? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have provided a guide. This guide contains all the steps which will make the process simple and help you for sure.

Why does this error occur?

Now the main question that arises is why did this error come. This error mainly prompts when your iPhone or iPad is disabled. And when you try to connect it with iTunes so as to enable it, it displays this sticky error. This error leaves your device disabled and your device no longer responds to the commands.

We did a lot of research and came to found that there is no special reason behind it. Moreover, this is a technical glitch which gives rise to this error. Apple has already come to know about this glitch. Apart from this, Apple is trying to fix this as soon as possible. But until then, you can prefer the guide provided below so as to fix this error in a simple way.

to allow access please respond on your iphone

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How to Fix “To Allow Access Please Respond on Your iPhone”?

Now there are two methods to fix the error. Both methods are provided below. You can prefer any of the methods which suit you the best. You may also like FRP Bypass Apk which allows you to bypass Google Account lock from any Android smartphone.

Method 1: Ignore the error & wait for the software to finish running on the iPhone.

By reading the name of this method you must be thinking that it’s a useless method and won’t work. But trust us, it is a quite effective method and will help for sure. Moreover, it is developed by the official brand of Apple. It has been released so as to make your iPhone more smooth and optimized. Apart from this, it is one of the easiest methods to solve this error. Follow all these steps carefully:

Step 1: When your device displays the error on your screen, simply ignore it until the software finishes running on your iPhone.

Step 2: After ignoring that error for a few minutes, there will be another message prompting to ‘Trust’ or ‘Don’t trust’ this computer.

Step 3: Simply choose the ‘Trust’ option. Now some process will start on your iPhone. Waiting for a few minutes will give you access to your iPhone and the error will be removed.

Method 2: Restore your iPhone to the Recovery Mode

This method is also an effective and easy method. But the problem is that while restoring, you will lose your data present on your iPhone. Therefore it is highly recommended that you should make a backup of your data before restoring. Moreover, if you have made backup recently then it is all good to go.

Step 1: Simply open your device and open iTunes

Step 2: Now check if you have received an update. It is recommended that you should have the latest version of iOs installed. This is to prevent any problem which can occur during the ongoing process. To check for updates, tap on the help menu and select ‘check for updates’ option. Now wait for some time and if there is an update, then download & install it.

Step 3: Proceed by turning off your iPhone

Step 4: Now simply connect your iPhone to your computer. Make sure that the data cable you are using in this process is working perfectly

Step 5: Press and hold the power button of your iPhone for a few seconds. Leave it as soon as the apple logo is displayed on the screen

Step 6: Now choose the option of restore and select the backup from the directory and wait for the process to be completed.

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Final Words:

So these were the two methods for how to fix “To allow access please respond on your iPhone”. We are pretty sure that at least one of the above two methods have helped you. If you are using the 2nd method then make sure to charge your phone as it would take some time.

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