Amsterdam tree versus Jaguar i-Page: Jag wins


When we talk about the future of cars, we are mostly talking about electric transmissions. But we must not forget that as technology develops and becomes more advanced, cars also become safer.

This example was presented today in a blustery Amsterdam when a tree fell on a Jaguar i-Pace EV and left it totally unfazed as two other cars – an Audi and a Mercedes – took the brunt of the damage. branches of the tree.

It looks like the rear window of the Audi has been smashed, but the Jaguar seems to have leaked slightly.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like the tree fell on the Jag with great speed. The tree appears to have been uprooted from the sidewalk right next to the i-Pace, so it didn’t have much to fall before hitting it.

But it still looks impressive. Usually when you see pictures of fallen trees on cars, there isn’t much left but insurance write-off.

Jaguar Force

I’m not a botanist, so I referred to this map of Amsterdam trees, which tells us that this fallen wood is an elm.

However, according to, dried elm typically weighs 560 kg per cubic meter. It’s hard to judge the bulk of this disturbing Jaguar tree, but it seems fair to estimate that it weighs well over 560 kg, especially since it has not been dried.

Regardless of the actual weight of this tree, the i-Pace barely bothered.

To protect passengers in the event of rollovers and dramatic collisions, the roofs are now able to support at least the full weight of the car itself. This 2018 study found that solid roofs significantly reduce the risk of serious injury and ejection in collisions. He also noted that the roofs of modern cars tend to get stronger every year.

Considering that the i-Pace weighs over 2000kg, this tree is and always will be a cinch by comparison.

When released, the i-Pace was considered one of the safest cars on the road. Vehicle safety testing company Euro NCAP gave the Jag its prestigious 5-star rating. You can read a totally not boring 14 page report about it here.

No one wants a tree to fall on their car, but it’s kind of nice to know that if it does happen, you’re a lot safer than ever before.

It is certainly striking to see a tree supported horizontally on top of a car, but modern cars are incredibly strong. So maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised.

Hats off to TNW’s friend Vincent reinders for spotting this one in Amsterdam today.

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Published March 11, 2021 – 13:15 UTC


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