Apple deserves to get battered by the butterfly keyboard lawsuit


Hey Siri, what’s terrible for Apple, but good for consumers? What is that? A judge certifying a class action suit against the company for its infamous “butterfly keyboard”? Ohhh, you pervert.

The butterfly keyboard lawsuit isn’t new (it was filed in 2018), but this latest news means the case is getting closer to making a difference.

Unfortunately, certifying this as a class action suit will have no impact on everyone. According to The Verge (and the case documents), the butterfly keyboard lawsuit will only cover those who bought one in seven states (California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, and Michigan, if that’s for you. interested).

The whole idea of ​​the butterfly keyboard trial is that the company knew the mechanism was a bunch of crap, and kept selling it. Amusingly, the case also quotes an Apple executive who had this to say about the butterfly keyboard:

apple butterfly keyboard trial