Apple needs to release a HomePod with a screen, SCHNELL!


The HomePod is dead. Well, a little. Apple ditched its original smart speaker and now focuses solely on the HomePod Mini.

It’s no big surprise, the original HomePod never really captured the public imagination after all. But… I think there is hope for the high end of the range; if the company is releasing a HomePod with a screen.

We’ll get to that in a minute. But first, let’s talk about …

Why the HomePod failed

Contrary to some people’s opinion that the HomePod was “misunderstood,” it just wasn’t an attractive or well-thought-out product.

First of all, function. For some reason, Siri was – and still does – sucks. It’s just not good enough to function as a smart speaker like Google Nest and Amazon Echo devices can.

I’m a firm believer that Apple realized Siri wasn’t up to the task and then tried to take the tale around the HomePod from a smart speaker to a high-quality audio device. And here’s where we get to the second main issue: The HomePod will never be audiophile gear.

Yes, it looked amazing, but it’s not enough. There was no support for formats above CD quality, you could only use AirPlay, and there were no physical inputs. The only people who declared it audiophile-ready were Apple themselves and the journalists naive enough to swallow the company’s Kool Aid.

the homepod without screen