Apple Watch: Not Enough Space to Update


Before updating your version of watchOS, make sure that you have enough space to actually install the update. If you are running out of storage space, you will probably get an error message saying that you do not have enough space to update. Let’s see how to reclaim storage space and update your watch.

How do I update my Apple Watch when it says “Insufficient space”?

Use the Apple Watch app to free up space

A quick way to delete some of the files stored on your Apple Watch is to use the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Even if you know that you have enough free space to install the update, delete some apps and files and check the results.

Launch the Apple Watch app on your phone and go to General. Tap About or Use and you will see the list of files stored on your smartwatch. On this occasion, you can see the space occupied by each type of content.

Apple my watch music

For example, if you want to delete music files, go to My watch (the tab in the lower left corner) and select the Music Entrance. Press the Edit option, and then select Wipe off to delete the file.

To remove some apps, tap My watch again. Then activate View the app on Apple Watch. Just select the apps you no longer need and delete the iphone app my watch option

Check if you have enough free space to install the latest version of watchOS.

Unpair your watch

This action will delete all temporary files and reindex the entire file system. There should be plenty of storage space available after you unlink your watch from your phone.

  1. Place your Apple Watch and iPhone next to each other.
  2. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone and tap My watch.
  3. Select your watch, press the info buttonand unpair your Apple Watch.unpair Apple watch from iPhone
  4. Then pair your devices again. You will be asked if you want to use your backup backup or treat the device as a new watch.
  5. To select Restore from a save and try to update your watchOS version using your phone.

Update your watch using your iPhone

To update your Apple Watch using your iPhone, first make sure your phone is running the latest iOS version. Then make sure your watch is at least 50% charged. Keep it in the charger while updating.

  1. First, launch the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to GeneralUseSoftware update.
  2. Delete the update file that failed the initial installation.
  3. Connect your devices to your wireless network.
  4. Then place your smart watch next to your phone, open the Watch app and tap My watch.
  5. Go to General and select Software update.

update apple watch on iphone

Reset your watch

Other users have successfully resolved this update issue by resetting the watch to factory settings. Keep in mind that this action will delete all your media files, data, and settings.

  1. On your Apple Watch, go to Settings and touch General.
  2. Then select Reset and touch Clear all content and settings.Erase all content and settings on Apple Watch
  3. Enter your password and press Reset all to confirm your choice.


If your Apple Watch fails to install the latest version of watchOS, delete some apps and media files to free up space. If you still don’t have enough storage space, unlink your watch from your phone to reindex the file system.

Did you successfully update your smartwatch using this guide? Let us know in the comments below.


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