Bello will scan your belly fat and suggest you a proper diet


If you think that maintaining your weight can keep you fit and healthy, then you want to rethink it. For years it has been known that muscle weights more than fat. The layer of fat under your belly can lead to many metabolic issues that can affect your overall health. So, to keep your belly fat down, Olive Healthcare has come up with a solution: bellows.

Belo A small hand tool that scans your stomach In just 3 seconds. It then analyzes the data for any underlying issues and provides you with the proper diet to stay healthy and fit. The company-owned DMW-NIRS technology is the driving force for the device. Discrete multi-wavelength near-infrared spectroscopy (DMW-NIRS) is a technique with multiple near-infrared wavelengths. And they scan soft tissues and can detect reflection signals.

The device analyzes reflection signals and calculates body fat density of a particular area. Then it sends this data to the bellows app which can estimate subcutaneous and visceral fat. According to the risk level and stomach position, the app will provide you Accurate reports and proper diet to reduce health risks.

Belo portable

According to Harvard Medical School, “Belly fat cells make hormones and other substances that can profoundly affect our health. It is becoming clear that excess body fat, especially abdominal fat, disrupts the normal balance and functioning of these hormones. “

Belo The world’s first portable device that can measure abdominal fat And provide proper diet and activities to stay fit and healthy. This device is perfect for users who want to maintain a healthy stomach and stay fit.

Supported by over 1600 people, the company has already raised more than Rs 23,000,000 (~ $ 321,200) on Indiegogo. The device is currently in production phase and will ship to users in June 2020. You can get your own bellows for Rs 15,700 (~ $ 220). You can see it on Indiegogo.

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