5 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android in 2020

One of the greatest things about android is that provides its users with a lot of flexibility. And when it comes to Music we music lovers like to listen to different genres, languages, and artists. There are thousands of apps on the Google Play Store, that you can download to play Music at that house party or those heartbreaking Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello and Arijit Singh songs after a breakup!

Here are some of the best music streaming apps, that you can use to make your everyday life better and musical because let’s be honest who doesn’t like to listen to a few songs that we absolutely love after a hectic day.

Best Music Streaming Apps 2020
Best Music Streaming Apps 2020

 5 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

1. Spotify

 Spotify is my favourite app as it provides us with an insane amount of music albums, artists and songs. Also, they have the best quality of the songs in comparison to other apps. One of the most amazing things is that, Spotify comes a liter version of it, which is called, Spotify Lite. This helps your phone to use less Internet data and space. Also, if you want to enjoy the premium version of Spotify free of cost, do check out the Spotify Hacked APK

2. Gaana

Gaana is one of the most popular music streaming apps with a very large variety of songs in different languages and genres. This is an easy to use and really brilliant app with great features. They also provide you with all sorts of playlists and you can discover some new unheard and heart-touching tunes.

3. Sound Cloud

Sound cloud is an app which provides talented music creators a platform to put out their music free of cost and this app also provides us with some copyright free music which is needed by so many Youtubers these days to put in their videos, so if you are one you can check it out for that. You can discover great and small musicians that are producing some insane songs.

4.  Pulsar

This might not be the most popular music streaming app but its users feel really satisfied with this app. As this one is really easy to use plus you can discover a lot of great music on this one. This one is an ads free application with excellent features. 

5. PlayerPro Music Player

This app comes with a lot of advanced features and is extremely easy to use. Its features are very rare and this one takes a good care of your favourite songs and playlists, so that you can find your favourites easily. This app is free but if you like you can get its preimum version with unlimited songs. 

You should give these apps a try and you would not feel disappointed. I really hope that you enjoy using these apps and have a great time while listening to music and jamming.

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