Bluesound launches new soundbar, strives to become the ‘audiophile Sonos’


If you’ve ever thought that Sonos isn’t sophisticated enough or advanced enough, may I introduce Bluesound to you. The Canadian audio company is on a mission to become the audiophile Sonos, and its latest movement? Well, this is the announcement of its latest product, the Pulse Soundbar +.

Before we get into this particular product, let’s talk about Bluesound. The company creates streaming material ready for audiophiles. This includes things like wireless speakers, stereo components, and, yes, soundbars. I am a huge fan of his equipment.

The company’s hardware is geared towards audio heads, which means it has features like a wide range of inputs (LOVE YOU) and support for streaming 24-bit music files ( more information on this here).

This is because Bluesound focuses on things that Sonos doesn’t have, but that nerds do care about.

It’s a smart strategy. I’m a fan of the Sonos hardware, but it works more like a stand-alone music system, rather than something that can put aside my pre-existing audio gear, a balance that Bluesound manages wonderfully.

Now that we have some background, let’s ask the question …

How does the release of the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar + contribute to its mission to be the Sonos audiophile?

First, let’s discuss the Pulse Soundbar +.

Basically, it supports Dolby Atmos, the aforementioned 24-bit audio, can pump 120 watts, and has eight drivers. On top of that, it has an ARM Cortex A53 Quad-Core chipset and a ton of inputs (specifically, HDMI eARC, Apple AirPlay 2, aptX HD two-way Bluetooth, TOSLINK, RCA, USB and its BluOS system. ). If you fancy more press release specs, you can find them here.

Either way, there’s a quote Bluesound uses about the Pulse Soundbar + that shows where its head is. Specifically, he says the hardware is to “listen to what the 8K TV is to video”.

I don’t think this makes much sense (it’s deeply doubtful if humans can even listen 24-bit audio), but it’s a nice turn of phrase and makes it clear that the company is after the high-end and tech obsessive market. I mean, who else really cares about 8K TVs right now?

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