Brazil’s ‘no charger’ fine will cost Apple just 0.00007% of its 2020 revenue


Remember when Apple stopped including power supplies with iPhones last year? While the company claimed it was all for the environment, people who didn’t have a charger were furious that they now had to buy a separate expensive brick to be able to use their new phones.

But while most of us just shit and moan and give our hard-earned money to Cook et al., One country decides to take action: Brazil.

In October, Procon-SP, the Sao Paulo state consumer protection agency, has asked Apple to justify not including the charging brick in iPhone cases. He wasn’t happy with the tech giant’s response to environmental savings and said the brick is an important part of the phone’s package.

The agency even asked Apple if it would consider downsizing the iPhone 12 because it doesn’t include a charger. However, Apple hasn’t changed anything.

According to Brazilian publication Tilt, over the weekend, the agency fined Apple 10.55 million reais ($ 1.92 million). In addition to not including chargers in iPhone cases, he also accused Apple of misleading advertising about the iPhone’s water resistance and unfair repair terms.

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