Build your own Android apps with this Packt Publishing eBooks and video training package


Create your own Android apps with this Packt Publishing eBooks and video training package

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TLDR: Your skills in creating Android applications will be boosted for development 2021 through training on these three e-books and videos from Packt Publishing.

For those who don’t pay much attention to dark events in the tech world, they’re almost always shocked to learn the real realities behind marketing.

Ask a layman about mobile devices and most would probably correctly state that there are Android phones and iPhones. But thanks to Apple’s galactic dominance in global tech talks, it’s no shock that many of these laymen are mistakenly claiming that the iPhone and its iOS system dominate this market.

As a tech savvy person, you probably know the reality that Android actually is. a leader of almost 3 against 1 on Apple among mobile users. Yet when we hear about app development, it’s almost always about creating for the iPhone, iPad, and iOS environment.

But if you want to reach nearly 72% of the world’s mobile users, you’d better learn how to create for Android. Currently, Packt Publishing, the backbone of computer technology publishing, offers three eBooks and training videos, each designed to help developers interested in approaching and succeeding in the Android space.

First the Modernize your Android apps video conference ($ 19.99, 37% off, from TNW Deals) delves into one of the most important issues in Android application development. Over seven lectures spanning nearly 5 hours, instructor and Android application expert Yusuf Saber guides users through the use of Kotlin, a pragmatic, modern and intuitive programming language that is far ahead of Java. .

Here, Saber takes an existing Android app built in Java and walks users through a top-to-bottom modernization using Kotlin. Along the way, students learn the power of this streamlined and structured architectural approach using SOLID principles and common Android architecture using MVP, MVC, and MVVM models.

Builders can learn more about Kotlin with a pair of Packt eBooks, starting with Android programming with Kotlin for beginners ($ 19.99, 37% off). This training explores the building blocks of building Android apps, taking a project-like approach, as readers actually create three working real-world apps and over a dozen mini-apps to hone their skills.

And Learn Spring for Android Application Development ($ 19.99, 50% off) takes it one step further, examining how to use Spring’s popular Java-based app building framework with Kotlin code. Again, the training focuses on hands-on project work, with readers assembling their own Android apps using Spring technologies.

Prices are subject to change.

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