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Last updated Feb 25, 2021

The Clubhouse is an invitation-only, audio-only social networking app. It is a hybrid of talkback radio, conference calling and home reception that allows you to talk and connect with other users of the app. Although this is iOS and invite only, it is getting a lot of buzz as more and more people are being invited to use the app.

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In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of using this new app.

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Here are the advantages / advantages (or advantages) of using Clubhouse

Clubhouse app Advantages

The Clubhouse app can be used in several creative ways

There are a number of ways people can use this app. The app is aimed at aspiring creators, business owners and entrepreneurs, but there are many people who can join the different rooms and have fun. The Clubhouse is versatile and has plenty of rooms for users, such as talent shows, one-on-one chats, quizzes, ‘meet new people’ rooms and rooms dealing with hot topics.

Clubhouse allows you to meet new people

The Clubhouse app is currently the only social media app that creates a deeper connection with the people you’ve met online. The app has come up with a unique concept where unlike most social apps where you post one-to-many messages, Clubhouse, on the other hand, allows you to chat one-on-one with users.

Famous celebrities on the app

One of the best features of Clubhouse is that it allows you to join rooms that feature CEOs, celebrities, founders, and other influencers. It’s different from listening to a podcast video because the speaker is live and in person.

Clubhouse lets you learn from the experts

The Clubhouse is similar to attending a conference, only all the time. Panels and breakout rooms happen all the time in this app. Plus, there are constant rooms that offer value around topics that might interest you.

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The Clubhouse app is great for networking

The networking capabilities of the Clubhouse are quite impressive. By creating and hosting discussion panels, you can bring different creators, entrepreneurs, or people together, allowing them to bond and connect.

The Clubhouse app helps attract potential customers for businesses.

Many users use Clubhouse to gain more customers for their business. You can create free content on YouTube and podcasts, but in Clubhouse you can talk one-on-one with people. By organizing panels, creating presentations and answering questions directly, you will be able to connect with your customers on a personal level. You will also be able to work directly with people and establish authority at the same time.

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Clubhouse app The inconvenients

Here are the limitations (or drawbacks) of the Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse app can trigger anxiety or a feeling of anxiety.

The anxiety level in Clubhouse may be higher than that of other social apps. It can be a bit tricky for an introvert when you’re set to call in to talk. Even organizing discussions and panels can sometimes become stressful.

Group chats in the Clubhouse app can get awkward at times

It can get awkward in group chats when you’re in a room full of people you don’t know personally. Also, it becomes more difficult to know when to speak and when not to speak.

The Clubhouse app can be addictive

Some people spend too much precious time at the Clubhouse. For some, this can help their business tremendously, but it’s still essential to keep a fixed routine where you balance your time wisely.

Beware of misinformation in the Clubhouse

Be extremely careful with “gurus” who are good at delivering misleading news, misinformation, and scams when they have no knowledge or experience of the subject they are talking about. Several cases of crooks are also reported. As such, it is advisable to investigate and make sure that the person you are listening to is really knowledgeable and experienced in the area.

Information overload scenario

When you hear too much information from too many people, chances are you will be overwhelmed. This often creates a difficult situation where you have mixed feelings about whether or not to do it.

Lots of influence hunters in the Clubhouse app

There are few instances where people are still on the app to grow their audience. And since they increased their numbers, some people now see them as an authority.

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In conclusion, it can be said that if used effectively, the Clubhouse app can be beneficial to your business and can also be a great source of entertainment. However, you also have to be careful at the same time. Because you might end up spending too much time on the app, listening to people spreading viral disinformation, and even getting ripped off. To get the most out of the app, make sure the Clubhouse matches your personality and aligns with your business or fun goals.

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