‘Chief Awesome Officer’ is an actual job title — suck it, CEOs


There are a ton of ridiculous job titles in the startup scene, but generally they’re somewhat transparent. Surely a Chief Meeting Designer must do something related to meetings and a Executive Senior Clubhouse probably spends all his time barking at Clubhouse.

So that’s why I was a little puzzled when I ran into Marian johnson – a Chief Awesome Officer. Does she go around … being awesome? Why would you pay someone for this? What the hell does a Chief Awesome Officer do ?!

“Well the first thing about the Chief Awesome Officer job is every time I show up there is a turn of laughter,” Johnson explains when I call her to bombard her with questions about her. title.

“That could actually be the strength of the title,” Johnson says. She tells me that it helps grab people’s attention and makes her and the organization more accessible by not taking herself too seriously.