IAMHERE APP is a running digital based application, which helps in connecting like-minded people, people sharing similar interests, hobby or even a social cause. Though technologies like facebook, twitter, instagram have connected people virtually across the globe, this app is connecting people in reality.

Ever thought how it would be like to connect with your school fellow-mate living in the same area as yours? Bored of cycling alone, need a partner? Are you finding volunteers for a social cause? Finding people having the same hobbies as yours? New to the place, can’t find anybody familiar? Want to throw up a party, how’d you invite everyone? 

Well now, Iamhere app makes it even simpler and friendly, bringing people together from different neighbourhoods and creating a dynamic platform of the hyper-local social network.

This digital platform has emerged for assisting the users to connect with other people having similar likings and hobbies. They can connect via chat, direct calls and even through stories. The app enables its users to create avatars to conceal their identity – unless they don’t want to reveal their identity. Privacy is vital when you’re initiating a conversation with an unknown hence Iamhere app can mask all your details when you interact with the other person like address and name. People striving for the same social cause or business promotion, can connect over call, chat, stories and even stories. You can also initiate social gathering and host small fancy parties and can create a lovely neighbourhood experience. Iamhere app not only helps in connecting people but so many professional associations built due to this app and even smaller entrepreneurial firms which connect people, cooperates and even college students. 

Technology has undoubtedly helped us in virtually connecting with the rest of the world across the continents but failed to communicate with the houses next door. 

Connecting with neighbours is an essential neccesity. Having known people around us in society feels much safer and friendly. A good and safe neighbourhood is a necessity for every individual. To make the task easier Iamhere app has incepted. 

Iamhere app carries an AI powered hyper-local engine, which is discovering the people around and in the locality. It not only discover people but local establishments and small buisnesses. 

Iamhere app helps in finding professional when in need. 

We usually end up ranting and complaining about particular unfixes around our house all the time. And honestly, all of us look out for instant fixes. If somebody got their tyre punctured? If somebody wants to start the gym but has no idea about the instructions? 

Well, Iamhere app is to the rescue even in such case, the question is “why not turn to the neighbourhood when in need?”, Iamhere app connects you with the professionals and buisnesses, and including these facilities have fetched excellent feedbacks from the users. It is not essential to be an ultra-professional at anything as well, and It is not only us all the time looking up for professional help or assistance. You’re useful in teaching yoga and instructing a person before he goes to the gym or even helps kids in your locality with subjects, that can count as a service from you to your neighbourhood. You can lend a helping hand to any other person in your area who needs professional help. And you can even earn some buck which is equally rewarding. And after this facility was open, the team was surprised to see that so many people started opening their buisnesses such as selling cakes and some people even started trading their hobbies such as paintings and DIY home décor items.

Iamhere app has helped in connecting several professional people in communities with ease, and created circles for pets, fitness, photography, guitarists, business professionals, tutors and so many more Iamhere apps is a reliable source to discover and find out more about people and connect with people under one roof. It is effortless to use, sign up and create an avatar. Iamhere app works for the betterment of the society connecting people from the same locality, creating a safe and friendly neighbourhood for all of us!

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