How to Delete Text Messages On Apple Watch?

If you’re an iPhone user then you know the importance of an Apple watch for your iPhone. With the help of an Apple watch, you can easily operate your iPhone no matter if you have it in your hand or not. You can answer the message, answer the email, can play since and many other things. There are lots of other features also which you can easily operate through your Apple phone. One of the features is to Delete Text Messages On Apple Watch. The junk text messages remain on your Apple Watch and that’s the reason you may want to delete messages on your Apple Watch.

If you don’t know how you can delete text messages on Apple watch then this article will help you a lot because in this article we’re going to discuss the steps by which you can easily delete text messages from your Apple watch. Also, read How to Add Magic Mouse 2 to iPad Pro with iPadOS 13 ?

how to delete text messages on apple watch

Steps to delete Text messages On Apple watch

You can easily delete your text messages through your Apple watch by following the steps which are mentioned below:

Step1: Use the digital crown to active your Apple watch screen

In the first step, you have to press your digital crown button which is placed on your apple watch. Once you press the digital crown button of your Apple watch then your Watch screen will open.

Step2: Tap the message icon

Open your Apple watch menu and find the icon of the message. This looks like an open envelope. Once you find this option then click on it.

Step3: Select the conversion which you want to delete

Once you open the message box then a long list of messages will present in front of your screen. Now, select the message which you want to delete through your apple watch and make a left swipe on it.

Note: Keep in mind that you don’t have to open the message but you just have to select a message and place a left swipe.

Step4: Tap on the trash icon to delete your message

After placing a left swipe on your message you’ll get the option to place your message in the trash box. So, you just have to click on the trash box and your message will be deleted automatically.

delete text messages on apple watch

Final Words

So, these are the simple steps by which you can easily know how you can delete text messages on Apple watch. As the Junk text remains in Apple Watch, it won’t affect the messages stored in your iPhone.

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