Facebook is now testing Reels…because how else will it beat TikTok?


When TikTok was banned in India last June, Instagram very quickly jumped on the short video train and launched Reels. The company rolled out the feature worldwide in August 2020.

Now, its parent company Facebook is integrating Reels into the blue app. The company is testing the feature in India by giving access to some creators to share the Reels they created on Instagram with the Facebook app. If they share the short video, their Instagram name will be attached to it.

In addition, these users will also have the option to create short videos using Facebook’s own tools.

Although it’s in a testing phase right now, Zuckerberg & Co. is expected to release it to the world this year. They would like to do this for two reasons.

First, in India, domestic players like MX Takatak and ShareChat’s Moj have captured a large number of users.

While Instagram has around 165 million monthly active users nationwide, Facebook has over 350 million monthly active users on its platform. This gives creators direct access to a much larger audience without having to put in too much effort.

Globally, TikTok is still the biggest player in the field of short videos. This cross-sharing feature will potentially attract some big name creators to the Facebook platform for short video content.

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Published March 9, 2021 – 10:42 UTC


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