Fallout 76’s wasteland West Virginia is for lovers


The date night, for my fiancee and I, is a matter of closeness and intimacy. Sometimes it feels like cooking our favorite meal together, having a few cocktails after dinner, and talking the night away. Other times, however, it feels like we’re playing a video game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where she’s a punk rock goddess wielding a laser gun and I’m a machete psychopath who collects teddy bears.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life.

So it’s ironic that when I wrote the first edition of this series, my plan was to release a new piece every week. Unfortunately, the first article was about Stellaris and my fiancee and I didn’t play anything else in the 11 weeks since publication. To say that we really appreciate it would be to say it lightly.

But, tonight it all ends because we got a date to play Fallout 76 and can’t wait to quit work so we can get back to it.

For those who are not familiar, Fallout 76 Is Bethesda’s MMO set in the Fall world. It plays very similar to the critically acclaimed single-player RPGs – in particular Fallout 4. But, since this is an MMO, the experience is geared towards multiplayer.

As I wrote in a previous article, I have never been a big fan of the idea of ​​a Fall MMO. My favorite things about the franchise have always been the immersion and the feeling of playing at your own pace. And the MMO component kills both for me.

Make no mistake, the ’76 The community is good and the game is actually great fun to play solo if you don’t like playing with a group. But, my perfect Fall is where the only human player characters in the game are me and the people I explicitly allow in my world.

Enter Fallout 1st

You buy the game (it usually costs $ 39.99 on Steam, or you can download and play it as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC or console) and it’s free after that. However, if you want, for around $ 13 per month, you can purchase a subscription to Fallout 1st.

Private worlds, scrapboxes and more are coming to Fallout 76 with Fallout 1st

Most of what the Sub brings you are cosmetics. Fallout 76, a little like Fallout 4, relies heavily on the build and customization aspects of the game. If you enjoy building and decorating your own spaces in a sandbox environment, you will probably enjoy the wasteland. But, if you don’t care what your pad, gear, and clothing looks like and just want to shoot baddies and earn EXP, you might not care so much about the bells. and whistles provided with the subscription.

What really matters here is the option of private worlds.

Fallout 76 on private servers is the quarantined gaming experience I deserve

Simply put, if you are a Fallout 1st subscriber, once you’ve created your character and played the opening sequence, you can return to the main menu and reconnect to your own private server for yourself and up to seven other people you invite. The game is basically the same as the public version, only you have full control over who is allowed to play with you.

The date night experience

Last night we created characters, synced to our private world, and started our trip to West Virginia for the first time. We both came from the same vault and had the same goals in mind: finding better clothes, getting decent weapons, and carving out our own little part of the Appalachians to live happily ever after.

In less than ten minutes, she shoots a guy in the face for threatening me, and before his body hits the ground, I hack him with a cheap machete.

About two hours later, she drowns in a shallow pond under the weight of a stolen monster egg as the giant, mutant creature that spawned her dives after her. I stand on the shore about 30 yards trying to remember which of my guns still has ammunition and shouting “swim, swim!” as she struggles frantically to reduce her bulk without giving up the precious egg.

Meanwhile, we met a couple of NPCs outside enjoying a barbecue for their anniversary, built our own campsites right next to each other, and started an adorable collection of teddy bears.

Fallout 76 does not have these experiences, he lets them happen. And that’s why it’s incredibly suited for playing with your romantic partners: you tell your story with every step you take together.

Final thoughts

Most MMOs are good playgrounds for romantic partners, as long as you enjoy the game, but Fallout 76 is distinguished by the possibility of playing in your own private universe. Of course, it costs more than a basic Netflix subscription, but you can always cancel it after a month and reactivate it later if you’re Mercurial about gaming subs.

It’s one thing to make your way through the masses with your friends and loved ones as you work together to climb the rankings or get infamy, but we’re not inclined to hang around with hikes when we try to. organize our meeting night. .

Having the option of going private makes all the difference in the world.


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