Fix: iPhone Tap to Wake Not Working


You can quickly wake up your iPhone by gently pressing the screen. This option is only available on a limited number of devices. Specifically, you can use Tap to Wake only on iPhone X and newer models. This feature can sometimes stop working, leaving your iPhone unresponsive to your taps. Let’s see how you can fix this problem.

Why does my iPhone not turn on when I press it?

Quick repairs

  • Don’t forget to update your iOS version. If this problem is caused by a software bug, Apple may have already fixed it. Go to Settings, select General, then Software update. Install the latest iOS version, restart your iPhone, and check the results.
  • Remove your screen protector. Thick screen protectors can sometimes damage the functionality of the touchscreen.
  • Turn off battery saver. When the battery saving option is turned on, your iPhone automatically stops all unnecessary processes. Tapping to wake up is one of them as it forces the device to constantly stay alert for the tap signal.
  • Use the cable charger instead of wireless charging. Many users have complained that Tap to Wake will not work when the iPhone is connected to a wireless charger. The charger may interfere with the Tap to Wake function. Instead, use a Lightning charger.

Check your settings

Make sure Tap to Wake is turned on. Maybe you accidentally turned off the option while changing other settings.

  1. Launch it Settings app and go to General.
  2. Then select Accessibility.
  3. Scroll to Press to wake up.Tap to wake up iPhone
  4. Toggle this option to Sure.

Otherwise, if the setting is already enabled, toggle the toggle to Deactivated and restart your iPhone. Come back to Settings, reactivate Press to wake up and check the results.

Reset your settings

Restoring all of your iPhone’s default settings may fix this problem. Maybe there is a particular setting that is blocking Tap to Wake. Go to Settings, select General and touch Reset all settings.

Reset all iPhone settings

Rest assured, this action will not delete anything from your device. It will only reset your iPhone’s current settings.

Maybe the screen is defective

Go to the nearest Apple Store and have your iPhone checked. Maybe your screen is the problem and you need to replace it. Many users confirmed that this was the solution that worked for them when all other troubleshooting methods failed.

On the other hand, if this problem started after replacing your iPhone screen, it may indicate that the display is not original. That’s why you should always go to an Apple Authorized Repair Center to have your screen replaced.


Tap to Wake not working properly is a common problem with iPhone X, but newer models are also affected by this problem. To resolve this issue, turn Tap to Wake off and back on, reset all settings, install the latest updates, and have your display checked. How often is your iPhone plagued by Tap to Wake issues? Did you find other solutions to fix the problem? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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