Fix Macbook: No Video Capture Devices Were Found


If your Mac can’t find your built-in camera and you’re looking for a solution to fix the problem, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t panic if the camera doesn’t even appear in the system report. In this guide, we will explore the causes of this problem and how you can fix it. Let’s go, okay?

Fix Mac Not Detecting Built-in Camera

Update your operating system

Are you using an outdated version of macOS? If you do, check for updates and install the latest version of macOS on your computer. Maybe the current version of your operating system has some nasty bugs that are preventing your Mac from detecting the webcam. Click on the Apple menu, go to System Preferences, select System update and check for updates.

update macOS

Many users confirmed that the webcam issue was resolved after upgrading to Big Sur.

Disable your antivirus and disconnect devices

Other users have resolved this issue after disabling their antivirus. It seems that Kaspersky sometimes blocks access to the camera. So, turn off your antivirus and check if you can use your built-in camera.

Sometimes third-party devices can interfere with the built-in camera. Unplug or disconnect all your third-party devices, restart your Mac, and check the results.

Check the privacy settings

Additionally, check your current privacy settings and make sure your programs can access and use your camera.

  1. Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  2. Then select Security and confidentiality and click on the Private life tongue.
  3. To select Camera and check which apps can access your built-in camera.
  4. If necessary, change the settings to allow all of your video conferencing programs to use the camera. Just check the box next to an app to let it use your camera.mac camera privacy settings
  5. Then go back to the Apple menu, select About this Mac, go to Equipment and check if you still get the same error.

Let applications control your computer

Some users have regained the functionality of the camera by letting applications control their Macs.

  1. Go to System Preferences, select Security and confidentiality, and click on the To open button.
  2. Then go to Accessibility and locate Allow the applications below to control your computer.
  3. Click it More sign (+) to open the Applications drop off.mac accessibility allows applications to control your computer
  4. Then select the programs you want to access the camera. Lock the settings.
  5. Restart your Mac and check the results.

Create a new user account

Maybe your user profile is the culprit. Create a new user account and check if that fixes the problem.

  1. Move towards System Preferences.
  2. To select Users and groups and tap the lock icon.
  3. Click it Plus icon (+) in the left corner to add the new account.
  4. Enter the account information and select the type of account you want to use.mac create a new administrator account
  5. Hit it Create user and check if the webcam problem is gone.


If your Mac’s basic settings have been corrupted, this may be the reason why your built-in camera has become invisible.

  1. First, shut down your Mac.
  2. Press the power button and while your machine is booting, press and hold the Order + Option + P + R keys.
  3. Release the keys when you hear the second start chime.
  4. Let your computer restart normally and check if you can use your camera.

Reset SMC

Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) can fix many software and hardware issues on your Mac.

  1. Stop your machine.
  2. Then press the following keys: Control + Option (both on the left side of the keyboard) and Offset (on the right side).
  3. Hold them for about 10 seconds.
  4. Then hold the Power button too. Do not release the other three keys, you must hold down the four keys for another 7 or 10 seconds.
  5. Release all keys, wait a minute, and then start your Mac.
  6. Check if your device detects the camera.

For more information on resetting SMC on other products, visit Apple’s support page.

If nothing works, go to an Apple Authorized Service Center and have your Mac serviced. Make an appointment at the nearest Genius Bar and let the experts find the right solution to your problem.


Not being able to use your Mac’s built-in camera as the system cannot detect any video device can be downright frustrating. To fix this, update your version of macOS, disconnect your devices, turn off your antivirus, and change privacy settings to allow apps to access your camera. Did you find other solutions to fix this problem? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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