Fix Microsoft Teams JavaScript Error on Mac


Microsoft Team can be such a stubborn program at times, especially when it comes to installing the tool on Mac. Although there is a dedicated Teams version for Mac computers, the app sometimes seems to have its own will to refuse to install it on Apple devices. Perhaps the most common Teams installation error on Mac is the JavaScript error. Don’t worry, we’ll point you in the right direction and show you how to fix it.

How to fix Microsoft Teams JavaScript error on Macbook

Make sure you have administrator rights

To install Microsoft Teams on Mac, you need administrator rights. Although you can install Teams on Windows 10 computers without administrative rights, you cannot install Teams on Mac. So make sure to use an administrator account when installing MS Teams on macOS.

Of course, if you can’t get the necessary admin rights, the safest workaround is to simply use Teams Web on Safari or Chrome. However, Teams for web users will still have a lower experience than average Teams desktop app users.

Install teams in a shared location

You can also install Teams in a shared location with admin prep and then copy the app to your local folder. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download and install Teams on a macOS machine.
  2. Then copy the to a shared location.
  3. Copy the application to your local Application folder.
  4. Launch Teams and check if the app is fully functional.

Change file ownership

A number of users have successfully resolved this issue by changing the ownership settings of Teams files. To achieve this, we will use the sudo chown in order to force the change of file ownership.

  1. Go to Applications, select Utilitiesand run it Terminal.
  2. Then run the following command: sudo chown YourUserName ~ / Library / Application Support / Microsoft / Teams.sudo chown command macbook
  3. Check if you can install Teams on your Mac now.

If the error persists, set permissions on your username for the entire Microsoft folder. To do this, run this command in Terminal: sudo chown YourUserName ~ / Library / Application Support / Microsoft. Check the results.

Delete the Microsoft folder

If Teams is not the first Microsoft program you have installed on your computer, there should be a Microsoft folder under ~ / Library / Application Support.

  1. Exit the Teams installer window and launch Terminal.
  2. Type
    rm -rf ~ / Library / Application Support / Microsoft / Teams. This will delete all of your Teams files.
  3. Delete the ~ / Library / Application Support / Microsoft folder too.Microsoft mac application support folder
  4. Empty your Trash, restart your Mac, and try installing Teams again.

By the way, if the Microsoft folder is invisible, type AppleShowAllFiles true in the terminal.

Change sharing and permissions for the Microsoft folder

You can also change all sharing and permission settings of the Microsoft Read & Write folder for all users.

  1. Uninstall Teams (or at least the files the app managed to install before the JavaScript error appeared).
  2. Then go to / Library / Application Support.
  3. Locate the Microsoft folder and select Obtain mac folder get info
  4. Unlock the folder and absolutely change all shares and permissions to Read write for all mac folder sharing and permissions
  5. Save the changes and see if you can install Teams.

Manually create the Teams folder

This annoying JavaScript error can occur because your Mac failed to successfully create the Teams folder. Creating the case manually may correct the error.

  1. Move towards / Users / YourUserName / Library / Application Support / Microsoft.
    • If the Library folder is hidden, right-click to Show options and select Show Library Folder.
  2. Check if there is a folder named The teams macbook folder
  3. If you can’t find the folder, create it manually.
  4. Launch Teams to see if you can complete the installation process. Teams should automatically complete this folder as soon as you launch it.


If your Mac keeps throwing the annoying JavaScript error while installing Teams, this indicates that you do not have the necessary permissions to install the app. Change sharing and permission settings or take ownership of the Microsoft folder. Manually creating the Teams folder can also help.

Let us know how the troubleshooting process went for you. Click on the comments below and let us know which solution worked for you.


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