France conducts first military drills in space


France today began the first military training exercises ever carried out in space. Begun, the era of star wars has.

In collaboration with the US Space Force and the German Space Command, the French training exercises were designed in response to the change in global attitude towards space.

According to the French press agency AFP, via Phys.Org, France’s Space Command was announced in 2019. Defense Minister Florence Parly then told reporters that France must act because its “allies and adversaries “” Militarize space “.

Background: The creation of the US Space Force intensified global tensions – or, more accurately, it amplified tensions outside the world. But it is likely that the alleged attempts by Russian agents to engage in satellite-for-satellite espionage also played a significant role.

As for the current training program, details are scarce, but reports indicate that the intention of the exercises will be to simulate a crisis situation involving French satellites and ensure that Space Command is ready to respond.

While it’s not clear, we’ll go ahead and assume that there won’t be any French soldiers floating above Earth with space guns. That might make it a little underwhelming for sci-fi fans, but the reality is that humanity’s penchant for war is no longer limited to the rock we were born from.

Hoping the rest of the universe is ready for us.


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