Download GTA 4 APK For Android (Working) 2019

For open world Games, GTA Games have always been popular. You can shop GTA 4 on your desktop, but what if I state that you can operate GTA 4 on your Android as well. You won’t trust that, I’m sure.

Well, we’re mainly talking about this today. GTA 4 has not formally started for Android, but yeah, you can run it on your Android. GTA 4 Android apk is the mod I am going to share with you.

gta 4 apk

I like the design of the game and the way we go in a car, just pull out the driver and drive the vehicle and you can use the GTA 4 Android as well. If you want to make a GTA 4 android work properly, don’t miss any part of the article. I’m going to offer you this game variant that is APK + Obb data file, just pursue the easy procedures we’ll talk about in a while, and then you’ll be free to play this game.

Overview of GTA 4 Android Apk

Grand Theft Auto IV was created and released by Rockstar Games as an online open-world adventurer. It was only developed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, until 29 April 2008.

GTA 4 features of Android APK

  • The game is focused on a perspective by 3rd guy and their universe is surfed by the car or on foot.
  • Players work as Niko Bellic when you play single-participant mode.
  • The gameplay includes an internet multiplayer mode that allows up to 32 players to interact in every cooperative and competitive game.
  • The open-world atmosphere I like most. 
  • In GTA 4 Android Player is free to go anywhere they want.


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Players must finish tasks— linear situations with targets— to go further. You can play multiple missions at once, as players may have to wait for certain missions. Gamers can go voluntarily through the open-world setting and be free to complete optional sub-projects with GTA 4 apk for Android if you are not on tasks.

The universe of Grand Theft Auto IV, composed of Liberty, is larger than most previous releases, including GTA San Andreas. Players can easily see the first islands of Dukes and Broker at the beginning of GTA 4 Android, and narrative advancement opens up to all other countries.

Online Game mode

It also features a Grand Theft Auto IV Android online multiplayer that enables 32 players to move comfortably through the single-player game. The players decide to own their game mode, including deathmatches and road races. Interested in game boy advance games, have a look at my boy gba emulator and you will surely find it interesting!

The techniques are divided into unclassified and classified matches. In gaming, money should be gained with the Android variant of the GTA 4 for games to step up via levels. This game also has a Free Mode that allows participants to explore the entire map without any goals or challenges. GTA 4 Android Apk hosts can handle numerous factors including police, tourists and guns.

How to get the GTA 4 Android Apk?

To run this game on your Android device, you just have these easy measures to follow. 

  • APK and OBB files are provided below for easy access. 
  • Install apk. 
  • Allow for authorization if requested.
  • Check the folder where the game Obb file is downloaded.
  • Extract that OBB file.
  • Copy and go to Android > data > obb > Paste here.
  • Enjoy Your GTA Android game.

Final words

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As I told you, GTA 4 Android isn’t officially introduced, so it’s only a game mod. I hope this apk game can be played without any issue on your android. This game is great, and this game has to be played. I’m always available for you, if you have any issue, just let me know in the comment below.

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