How to Check When Your iPhone Was Manufactured


There are a lot of things to consider when buying a used iPhone. Indeed, the decision is ten times more difficult than buying a new iPhone. Most likely, the battery cannot maintain the charge as before and there is no guarantee that the screen is original. The longer your iPhone has been in use, the greater the chance of experiencing major performance issues. Which brings us to a very important question: How to know how old your iPhone is? How do I know how long it has been in use before I buy it?

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How to know the age of your iPhone

Check the serial number

Your iPhone’s serial number can give you useful information about the date of manufacture. But first you have to go to SettingsGeneralAbout Serial number.check iphone serial number

Copy the serial number, then go to Apple’s coverage verification page. Paste the serial number into the search box, enter the Captcha code and hit Enter. Apple will then tell you what model your iPhone is, if it’s still under warranty, etc. If the warranty has expired, the device was purchased and activated one year before that date. So you can get a rough idea of ​​how old your iPhone is.

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By the way, if Apple recognizes the serial number, it indicates that the device is genuine. At least you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are not buying a fake iPhone.

But if there is no warranty information, you can always delve into this matter further.

Use the Chipmunk website

Chipmunk is a company located in the Netherlands that repairs Apple devices. They have access to a very convenient database of the company’s products. And the good news is that anyone can access it.

⇒ Note: The site has been tagged “Not secure”When we visited it for the purpose of this guide.

So, visit their website, enter the serial number and hit enter. The platform will return useful information about your product, including the date of manufacture. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

iphone x age check

Apple serial number code decoding

The serial number of your iPhone already contains all the information about the date of manufacture of your iPhone. But, to unravel the mystery, you must learn to decode it.

The fourth character of the code reveals when exactly your device was manufactured. In the list below, the first letter corresponds to the first semester of this year (January-June). The second letter corresponds to the second semester (July-December).

  • 2010: C and D
  • 2011: F and G
  • 2012: H and J
  • 2013: K and L
  • 2014: M and N
  • 2015: P and Q
  • 2016: R and S
  • 2017: T and V
  • 2018: W and X
  • 2019: Y and Z
  • 2020: D.


As you can see, Apple uses a clear pattern in the serial number. The fourth letter indicates the year of manufacture of the product. Rumors have it that the company plans to launch four new iPhone models in 2021. Can you guess what the fourth letter of the serial number is? Our guess is that it’s F or G. What’s your opinion? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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