How to Delete Club on Clubhouse Social App, Edit & Manage


Last updated on March 13, 2021

Follow this article to manage your club on the clubhouse social app, the Drop-in audio app. The functionality of the Clubhouse app is simple and effortless, but you cannot delete the club and manage your club on the Clubhouse app once you have created it from your profile page, next to the Member of clubs section. Let’s see how to edit club titles or remove a club from the Clubhouse app.

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The equivalent is valid for deleting your club in the Clubhouse app.

What if you have created a club on Clubhouse by mistake and are afraid and confused? How can you remove the club, don’t worry? In this article, we’ll cover the steps for deleting your club in the Clubhouse app.

Steps to delete the club on the Clubhouse app

If you would like to remove your club from the Clubhouse app, there is currently no option in the Clubhouse app to remove a club from the app. While Clubhouse users also do not have the option to close or delete their club, there is an option on their site where you can submit a request to delete or close your club, but it does require a bit of your time.

To remove your Club from the Clubhouse, basically click here and follow these steps:

  1. keep on going Submit a request page Clubhouse and enter your email address on the case (enter Clubhouse ratified email).
  2. In the following case, Enter your username from which you were enlisted on the clubhouse app.
  3. At this point there are many alternatives on the case to choose where to choose the right one “Manage a club”
  4. After selecting manage a club then on the next case, select “Close or delete a club”.Club deletion or deletion request on the Clubhouse app
  5. From there you have to dial a short summary and subsequently also in brief detail why you should remove your Club from the Clubhouse.
  6. On the following you can add any document or screenshot if you have any! In addition, submit the request efficiently.

That’s it.

Send an email to the Clubhouse 📧

Here is the alternate method to close or delete a club on the Clubhouse app. If Zendesk Support is not easy to connect with Clubhouse Support, send direct email for your request.

Send to: [email protected]

That’s all.

To note: What to do, if you want to remove a particular user from your club, do not remove your club. You can ban this user. Let me tell you how you can ban users from your club?

If you find a manic user in your club, you can ban your club users from the clubhouse by blocking them. You should visit that person’s profile page and select three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your device screen. A spring menu will appear and you must choose “Block.”

This will prevent that maniacal user from entering your club or any room you have created and where you are the speaker. The Clubhouse will also warn you about the spaces where they speak. You can also choose the “Report an incident” via the ellipsis menu in a profile, in case you need to report a user to Clubhouse for violating Community and Clubhouse guidelines.


That’s all. Hope this explains your inquiries regarding clubhouse application events: how to remove your club from the clubhouse and how you can ban a user from the club. For further support, please do not take a moment to ask. Comment below, and you’ll get a response from us ASAP!

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