How to Run Traceroute on MacBook, Mac: 2 Methods

Last updated Feb 24, 2021

Traceroute is a built-in tool for diagnosing network connectivity and routing issues between the Mac and the server. When opening the website, the app indicates that the site cannot be reached, or some other error, and eventually you will not be able to visit the website. To overcome this and find the cause of this error, a traceroute comes into play. In the traceroute report, you can track how the packets travel on the path, where the break is, and how to fix it.

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In the MacBook, Mac there are two ways to run the traceroute, one is using Terminal app and the other is Network Utility app, both work the same. You can try any of these to find and view the traceroute on macOS.

How to run Traceroute on MacBook Pro, Mac, iMac

Method 1: Via the Terminal app

  1. Open the Terminal app on the Mac. Click on Searcher. To select Applications and choose Utilities.
  2. From there open Terminal.
  3. Enter the following command in the terminal.
  4. Here, hostname refers to the name of the server you want to test. It can be any website link. For example, if you want to know the results of Techo traceroute, the command will look like this:
    • traceroute Techo
  5. It is not necessary to enter www or https: // in the command while monitoring the server’s traceroute report.
  6. Mac will take a few minutes to generate the traceroute report between connections.
  7. If the * The sign appears, then the Application expired, check the results.Run the Traceroute command on Mac
  8. That’s all.

Method 2: Run Traceroute on Mac using Network Utility application

To note: Deprecated network utility in macOS Big Sur, So this way is not useful …

  1. MacOS Catalina and older Mac users can use Traceroute using the network utility.
  2. hurry Command + space bar to open the Spotlight search and from there search for the Network utility application. or Open from Finder, Open Finder on Mac, From Mac main menu To go > Go to file … > Open Network Utility on Mac/ System / Library / CoreServices / Applications> Under the Applications folder.Mac network utility
  3. Select the Traceroute tab.
  4. Enter website URL as Techo and click Trace.

Hope this helps you find out what you are looking for. Let us know in the comments if you have any doubts or need to explore more on this.

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