How to Screen Record on Clubhouse? Is it Possible to Screen Record


Last updated on March 10, 2021

The city’s most popular voice audio app, Clubhouse, has officially gained a prominent place among its many customers lately. So what is this jazz around the Clubhouse? You should know from the outset that in March 2020, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the two entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, co-founded this application for public use. It currently has over two million users and is worth over $ 1 billion. Anyone with an iPhone can download the app and participate in the discussion. However, to enter the discussion of the application, you must be invited. Clubhouse states in its app description that “anyone can get one by entering the waitlist or asking a current user to get one.”

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One can rightly wonder about the charming appeal of this application. We certainly cannot dismiss Elon Musk’s pivotal role in this regard when his appearance on the app has attracted potential users. Celebrities and important personalities such as Oprah, Drake, Tiffany Hadish, Jared Leto and Kevin Hart are frequent users of this unique audio chat social network. But despite its popularity, Clubhouse has its limitations and shortcomings. For starters, it’s currently only available on iOS apps. Anyone with an iPhone can download the app, allowing you to listen in and engage in conversations.

Screen recording in the pavilion in the live conversion room

Please note – sharing recordings without the speaker’s permission violates community rules and will result in suspension. Thank you!

Hanging clubhouse on recording screen for clubhouse room
Hanging clubhouse on recording screen for clubhouse room

Chat rooms appear and disappear when people start and stop using them. And Clubhouse ignores it. However, this does not rule out the possibility that other members find a way to capture chats. Although the conjectures are on the application security and privacy policies, the authorities quickly dismissed any rumors of registration on the application. Users, on the other hand, have found several ways to capture chats.

While the app declares that it does not record conversations in their rooms, this does not negate the possibilities of other users. And recordings of conversations between celebrities like Musk show there are ways around the Clubhouse’s 5,000-person ceiling in his bedroom. Therefore, the real question remains. Can a screen record conversations in Clubhouse? And what does that mean in the context of our privacy and security concerns?

Concerns about data sharing

In fact, the idea that anyone can record a play and stream the content elsewhere is one of the Clubhouse’s biggest flaws. While the app makes clear the penalty that comes with violating its privacy protocols, users have found a way to record the conversations. When Elon Musk broke the previously set limits by Clubhouse to work with just 5,000 people in the room, users found a way to live stream this great event and post it to Youtube.

How to filter the recording?

The Clubhouse does not allow you to record audio with the built-in iOS screen recorder or with Quicktime on a Mac.

Other feasible options are listed below:

  • A PowerREC is one of the best but simple screen recorders you can use to record Clubhouse. It has an intuitive user interface that allows you to register Clubhouse with just a few clicks.
  • The next app is Record It, a recording app that lets you record all Clubhouse activities in HD quality with just one tap. It also helps you record your reactions on the screen using your front camera. If you want to make video for YouTube or other social networking sites like Facebook, this app will come in handy for you.
  • TechSmith Capture is the last recording software you can use. It’s essential on iOS mobile devices, allowing you to register Clubhouse whenever you want. It has a simple interface which helps you to quickly record all the activities of your iOS phone with just a few clicks.

Non-compliance with the rules

When it comes to Clubhouse registration, there are specific ground rules to follow. One of the most emphasized rules is that you should research your Friends of the club before registering. Since this is a private social media app, you won’t be able to archive any conversations quickly. In early February, the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) discovered that a user was streaming audio and metadata from multiple rooms to a particular website. Clubhouse said this went against their terms of service. He deleted the user from the site and said he added security protocols to prevent this from happening again. However, one cannot be too reckless about their private information and thus proceed securely while sharing information.

Although we can technically record the activities that take place in a room, it always goes against the rules. Anyone found recording calls will receive a warning from the app when they first perform. Continued non-compliance with the rules will result in a permanent ban. However, despite all of this, the critical fact regarding the app’s questionable security and privacy issues should not escape our notice.

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