How To Stream Xbox Games To iPhone


The war between consumers, robots and console makers continues to continue. Despite its release months ago, it’s still nearly impossible to get your hands on the latest Xbox Series X, Series S or Sony PlayStation 5. This, coupled with the fact that more and more people are at home, has leads to a significant increase in cloud gaming.

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With services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Google Stadia, you don’t need the latest and greatest hardware to play the latest games. Microsoft has also reinvented itself even with the release of the next-gen X-series and S-series consoles.

How to stream Xbox games to iPhone

Microsoft has recognized that not everyone is able to go out and grab the latest consoles. And the company has started its transition to mobile gaming with the help of Game Pass and Project xCloud.

Project xCloud was in beta for much of 2020, before being officially renamed Cloud Gaming. It was released on Android at the end of 2020, leaving iPhone and iPad owners confused as to its release date.

However, Apple has received a lot of warmth from game developers, such as Fortnite, for the weird rules and requirements. It was these guidelines that forced Microsoft to rethink its strategy to integrate Cloud Gaming with the iPhone.

Microsoft has since redesigned the Xbox app, allowing you to play games on your iPhone, with a hook. Instead of just being able to play games from the cloud, you’ll need to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Xbox.

Connect a controller

Before you can start playing Xbox games on your iPhone or iPad, you must first pair a controller. Since you need to stream from Xbox console to iPhone, you can use whatever Xbox controller you already own. Here’s how to pair the controller with your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Press on Bluetooth.
  3. From the controller, turn it on by pressing the Xbox Center Button.
  4. Put the controller into pairing mode by holding down the Connect button at the top for 3 seconds.
  5. On the iPad, Xbox Wireless Controller will appear under “Other devices“.
  6. Press on Xbox Wireless Controller pair.

Stream Xbox games to iPhone

Everything else is set and ready to go. There are just a few more steps you can take before you can start streaming your Xbox games to iPhone. The first step is to download the updated Xbox app from the App Store. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Xbox app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Sign in with the same Microsoft account that you use on your Xbox.
  3. Select the My library tongue.
  4. Tap Consoles.
  5. If you’ve already set up a console for streaming, select it from the list. Otherwise, press Configure a console.
  6. Wait for your Xbox home screen to appear on your screen.

Once the Xbox Home screen appears on your iPhone or iPad, you’re good to go. Since it’s all about streaming your Xbox to your iPhone, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have a fast internet connection around the house. Plus, those who haven’t yet invested in a mesh Wi-Fi network will want to avoid any “dead zones” in the home. Still, you can start playing your favorite games without having to immobilize the TV for hours.

Best controllers to use for streaming Xbox games to iPhone

Unlike Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android, there is no game that you can play using touchscreen controls. Instead, it’s more like Sony’s remote play option that has been available for PS4 owners for a few years. Essentially, you’re just using your iPhone as a viewing device, while still needing to use a controller to play.

Razer kishi

The Razer Kishi was released for the iPhone in September of this year. Instantly, it turned into THE choice for those who want to turn their iPhone into a portable gaming system. Plug just about any iPhone into the Kishi and you can enjoy hours of hassle-free gaming. Think of an iOS-powered Nintendo Switch, and that’s what this combination delivers.

Xbox Core Controller

The Xbox Series X has arrived, and with it Microsoft has introduced a whole new controller. But the best part about the new Xbox Core controller is that it’s compatible with all systems from the previous generation, as well as the iPhone and iPad. Unlike the Kishi, you’re going to want to grab a phone holder, and the PowerA MOGA mobile game clip is the way to go.

Rotor Riot gamepad

The Rotor Riot is a solid gamepad controller for the iPhone because it has a built-in phone holder. The Riot offers power transfer, so you can charge both your controller and your iPhone at the same time. It is also the only MFi certified controller while including the L3 and R3 buttons.

Where is Xbox Cloud Gaming?

We’ve already mentioned that Microsoft chose not to bring Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) to the App Store due to Apple’s stringent and archaic guidelines. However, that hasn’t stopped the company from potentially opting for another method.

Rumors suggest Microsoft will do something similar to what Google Stadia is doing. Xbox Cloud Gaming is expected to arrive in Spring 2021, using Safari as a method to access and play your Xbox Game Pass games.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft said the following:

Expanding Xbox to new gamers is at the heart of our ambition to help games and developers find an easy path to the world’s 3 billion gamers. We do this by embracing multiple devices and delivering a consistent Xbox experience wherever you sign in – be it on your Xbox Series X | S, PC, Xbox One, Android device or – from Spring 2021 – your Windows PC and iOS device from the cloud.

We hope that an official app will be launched on the Play Store. But even after Apple changes its guidelines for allowing game streaming services, that’s not enough. This is because Apple will require these apps to submit each game to the App Store as separate apps. Apple wins many battles when it comes to the App Store, but it’s a battle it could end up losing because it just isn’t benefiting users.


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