I fell in love with a CD player


This year, something magical happened: I came back to CDs. With revenge. And all this thanks to a very specific CD player: the Marantz CD6007.

“Ok Callum, sounds interesting and all, but… magic?” Is that so? Do you think your weird little obsession with CDs deserves to be talked about like it’s a Tolkien novel?

Well yes, actually. While the old pipe smoker, the boring elf probably did a jig on the occasional poem, I can guarantee you it never vibrated as loud as I did on the glorious compact disc. And, friends, what could be more magical than ~ atmosphere ~ ?

Either way, we’re going to move on to the Marantz CD6007 review, but let’s give what the heck I’m kidding some context.

Return to CDs

I recently wrote a full article on reintroducing CDs. Without retreading too much ground, I realized that the format was vastly underestimated.

Not only are compact discs superior in quality to the human ear, but you can buy them cheaply nowadays as well. In many ways, they’re still the perfect physical format – despite being almost 40 years old.

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One of the reasons I was able to come to this conclusion was the Marantz CD player. At the time, most of my CD listening was done with equipment that was not really audiophile level. It did a job – solid at that – but the hardware just wasn’t good enough to bring out the best in the format, a problem the Marantz CD6007 doesn’t have.

Anyway, I’ve created an entire video on this topic, which you can watch here:

But, today we are here to talk more specifically about the Marantz CD6007.

Introducing the Marantz CD6007… a CD player

cd player marantz CD6007