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Instagram is one of the largest and trending social media with over 5 million users. So here is an app called IGBest which provides likes for your Instagram photos, videos and statuses.

Although there is no official link between Instagram and this app, it does provide services to the users of this platform. This application is designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

So if you are using an Android device, you can install this app to get unlimited likes on your posts. However, you have to be very careful while using this app. So we have discussed all these points in this article for you.

Therefore, you should read this article carefully and apply the instructions that we have shared with you. Otherwise, it will be disastrous for you. However, if you want to get the app, download it from the link given at the end of this page.

What is IGBest?

Have you ever heard of cyber likes or followers? If you have heard of these terms before, you are probably familiar with IGBest Apk. Because it is also a tool for Android mobile phones to get unlimited free likes for Instagram posts. These posts include photos, videos, and statuses.

Basically, Instagram is a social networking platform where you can share media files, especially photos and short clips. It only allows you to share clips that are less than 2-3 minutes long. However, they have introduced a new feature of IGTV which stands for Instagram Television.

So, on IGTV you can download large size videos or go live to interact with your fans. However, you get followers when you provide quality or value in your posts. However, there are plenty of other options for getting a large number of fans and getting as many likes as you can on your content.

But still, it’s not that easy. However, to make it easier for you, tons of apps have been released. So, you can have automatic liking, subscriber and automatic commenting tools for this purpose.

However, most of these tools are sometimes quite risky. Therefore, you have to be very careful when using such things. However, IGBest Apk is a safe application, but there are risks nonetheless.

Hence, you have to use it wisely. Also, do not use this tool regularly otherwise you will be punished by Instagram.

Overall, this tool is the best one for getting unlimited likes on your photos and stuff for free. Thus, allows you to promote your products. Moreover, you can use it for random profiles to give a positive impression to your audience. So, people use the tool for various purposes.

APK Details

Last name IGBest Apk
Version v1.4
Cut 2.04 MB
Developer IGliker
Package name com.igliker.app
Price Release
Android required 4.0.3

App screenshots

IGBest screenshot
Screenshot of IGBest Apk
Screenshot of the IGBest application
Screenshot of IGBest for Android

How to use the app?

There is no rocket science in using IGBest Apk. Although it is easy to use, the consequences are sometimes quite dire. However, you can use it wisely to avoid such terrible consequences.

So in this paragraph we will tell you how to use the tool correctly. So, follow the instructions carefully.

First of all, you need to set the privacy of your account to the public, otherwise you will not be able to login through the tool. Subsequently, you need to login through this account where you want to get free unlimited likes for Instagram.

So, now select a post and send likes on it. In addition, you must keep a time interval, otherwise your account will be banned or the authorities will suspend it.

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How to Download and Install IGBest Apk on Android Phones?

There are download links given at the bottom of this page. You just have to click on this link to download the application. Afterwards, go to your phone’s settings option and enable the Unknown sources option.

Now go back to the home screen, launch the file manager and click on the Apk file you downloaded from our website.

Final words

So this is all from today’s review and you can use the tool to get unlimited likes for your Instagram account. In order to download the latest version of IGBest for your Android mobiles, click on the link below.

Direct download link


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