I’m not a gamer but I really want Razer’s smart glasses — for work


Razer’s products are generally designed for gamers, and I, an Apple Arcade person, can’t pretend to be one. I don’t sit on my gaming chair to shoot a personalized PC to play the latest titles with full graphics settings.

However, the company’s latest product piqued my interest, and I guess I’m not alone: a pair of smart glasses. Before you jump the gun, no,it doesn’t show you a ton of information via augmented reality (AR) like Google Glass and the rest.

In terms of smart features, these glasses can connect to your phone or computer via bluetooth. You can take voice or video calls through a built-in microphone and speakers. You can also listen to music through these open design speakers with 16mm speakers. In addition, you can control the tracks and activate the voice assistants via a touch-sensitive side panel.

I know these functions are available on a pair of headphones, but it’s nice to have them in your glasses.