Instagram will soon let you save Stories as drafts to edit later


Instagram stories are a great way to share candid moments. I often use this format to show the songs I listen to or to share an image that may not be “fit for a thread”.

Currently, if you use Instagram’s Story camera tool, you need to take a photo, apply effects, and post it immediately. The app will soon get a “ drafts ” feature that will allow you to save your stories to Instagram, so you can edit them later. The head of the social network, Adam Mosseri, tweeted yesterday that the story drafts are coming soon.

This will certainly be useful for elaborate stories. Right now, if you try to save a story photo with effects, Instagram will store it in your library as a video or remove stickers, background music, and animations (depending on which filter you choose. use). This means that there is currently no way to preserve these effects.

Hours later, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted a screenshot of what might this feature look like on the Instagram interface.

The user interface seems simple to use: when you create your story, hit the exit button and the app will ask you to save it as a draft. When you post a new story, you will see a “Drafts” button in the lower left corner from which you can access your previously saved stories.

I haven’t used Instagram’s built-in camera much to date, as I usually take photos from a different app and upload them to Stories or the feed. However, this new draft feature might make me use it occasionally when I want to download stories with certain effects.

Last year, Snap Inc. revealed its ambition to bring the Snap Camera to as many apps and devices as possible. Rather than tying users to an app, the company wants them to try their product in different ways, even if you’re not an active Snapchat user.

Instagram could take inspiration from it – as has been done several times before – and start creating a camera that people would love to use outside of the app. What are you saying, Zuck?

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Published March 25, 2021 – 06:43 UTC


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