Instagram’s new Live Rooms lets you go live with three other people


Instagram today launched Live Rooms, a new feature that lets you live with up to three other people.

Instagram users could previously only be uploaded with one other person, but can now ‘dub’ their shows.

This should make the feature handy for hanging out with friends, interacting with audiences, participating in classes, and collaborating on creative projects.

Live Rooms also gives creators more ways to monetize their work. Viewers can show their appreciation for their hosts by purchasing badges during broadcasts and using other interactive features such as Shopping and Live Fundraising.

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The feature could prove particularly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic – judging by the success of Instagram Live.

Instagram says live views in the United States jumped 70% from February to March last year, when the World Health Organization called the outbreak a pandemic and regulations on keeping it in check. house entered into force for the first time.

Instagram Live Rooms
Credit: Instagram