It doesn’t look like a guitar, but the PocketGuitar will still absolutely stun you with its sound


TLDR: The PocketGuitar is less than 2 inches long, but sounds and allows users to play like a full-sized guitar for new learners and experienced players.

Kurt Cobain got his first guitar as a a 14th birthday gift from an uncle, then took a month of guitar lessons to figure it all out. Jimi Hendrix was 15 when his father bought him an acoustic guitar for $ 5, which the instantly struck child learned to play by ear.

Learning to play the guitar is not just a quest. It’s a passion. Now, rather than waiting for a cheap gift or throwaway or having to build one yourself, anyone can pursue their guitar god dreams without even needing to own a real guitar.

The PocketGuitar is a Bluetooth enabled, AI-based device that can help beginners learn the basics of guitar playing, but without the burden of carrying a full-size guitar.

The PocketGuitar doesn’t even look like a guitar. At less than 2 inches long, it actually looks a lot more like a traditional guitar pick than an instrument. But the real power is the technology within. When synced via Bluetooth with the Aeroband app, it’s like playing an aerial guitar, with a gaming interface formed from scratch.

Your right hand clamps while your left hand changes chords to the beat, duplicating the stringed instruments of a standard guitar, bass, or even a ukulele.

This PocketGuitar vibrates, varying its intensity depending on how hard you play. Sensitivity is finely tuned, with artificial intelligence allowing players to achieve truly realistic sound reproduction, even when there is no physical instrument in sight.

The whole setup only takes about three minutes to get started, so everyone from beginners to experienced players can join in and play.

While the PocketGuitar isn’t as cheap as Jimi Hendrix’s first ax, it’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying a real guitar. Regularly $ 40, you can save over 10% and get one now for only $ 34.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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