It’s time to say goodbye to the Apple HomePod


It’s been over three years since Apple introduced the HomePod with the aim of bringing Hi-Fi audio system to iOS users. Thanks to various software upgrades over the years, you’ve been able to pair HomePod with another to create a stereo pairing. This could then be connected to your Apple TV or other Apple device for the ultimate Apple audio system.

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While not everyone could just pick up their phone and connect to HomePod, it was still the de facto option for great sound in the home. The lack of Bluetooth offered frustrating limitations, but Apple users could take advantage of AirPlay to listen to music, podcasts, or ask Siri to set reminders.

There had been rumors that a new version of the HomePod was in the works, and then Apple introduced the HomePod Mini. It was a speaker under $ 100 that offers similar (albeit less) sound quality compared to its big brother. At a time when Google and Amazon have smaller speakers available at low prices, it was a logical move.

But the HomePod (proper) was such an impressive speaker thanks to the five years of development and engineering that Apple went through. There really was no big reason to get rid of the larger HomePod, as the reason for their use is just a little different than the HomePod Mini.

It’s time to say goodbye to HomePod

However, Matthew Panzarino with TechCrunch reports that Apple is officially shutting down HomePod. Rumors surrounding the demise of another Apple Hi-Fi product have been written on the wall. Over the past few weeks, Apple and other big box retailers have been running out of stock on the Space Gray HomePod. This was due to the fact that Apple was going through supply difficulties, but eventually, stock levels would return. This is unfortunately not the case.

Apple has provided TechCrunch with an official statement.

“HomePod mini has been a hit since its debut last fall, providing customers with incredible sound, a smart assistant, and smart home control for just $ 99. We are focusing our efforts on HomePod mini. We are discontinuing the original HomePod, it will remain available while supplies last through the Apple Online Store, Apple Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers. Apple will provide HomePod customers with software updates, service, and support through Apple Care. “

Apple and its partner retailers will continue to sell HomePods until existing stock levels are exhausted. For reference, Apple’s website is already sold out of the Space Gray version. And stock levels are already decreasing at various outlets. But if you want to get the white version, you shouldn’t run into any issues in the near future.

Focus on the HomePod Mini

The first sentence of Apple’s official statement paints a pretty vivid picture of what we can expect. The main focus of the company, at least for now, is the HomePod Mini. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Mini sold better than Apple expected. This allows the company to take a step back with its resources.

Does this mean that we will not see a real successor to the HomePod? No, but it’s a clear indication that Apple is focused on bringing Siri and a Mini to every room. You can pair the HomePod Mini in the studio and there are a few useful features available, such as the new intercom system.

But the biggest problem is that the Mini isn’t capable of delivering sound quality worthy of being placed in your living room. It works well if you pair them with your Mac or an Apple TV in a smaller room. But for a primary home theater setup, two Minis just aren’t going to cut it.


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