8 Best JustDubs Alternatives 2020 – Watch dubbed Anime Series Online

Anime has always been a part of life in one way or the other, whether it was Pokémon, Dragon ball Z or One Piece. Though Anime experts suggest others to watch Anime in Japanese using English subtitles, not everyone is comfortable with that, and this is where sites like JustDubs comes to the rescue.  

JustDubs is an anime streaming site that provides you with high quality dubbed and subbed Anime for free. There might be connectivity issues with the site due to server overload or technical issues, but that should not stop you from watching just one more episode of your favorite anime series. 

So, here we are with our hand-picked list of best Justdubs alternatives that provide you free dubbed and subbed Anime. Make sure you bookmark this page as we will keep updating this list for you. 

best sites like justdubs
JustDubs Alternatives 2020

8 Best JustDubs Alternatives – Watch dubbed Anime Series Online

#1. YouTube 

We are familiar with YouTube, and we know that it is a video platform, not an Anime platform. But YouTube has a big database of dubbed and subbed Anime which is available for free.  

A lot of users upload anime series on youtube, dubbed and subbed both, therefore, your favorite anime series is just a search away.  

Youtube’s recommendation algorithm is also advanced; therefore, one single search can help you find a lot of new anime suggestions. 

 But if you failed to find that one anime series you are looking for, scroll down and choose any other site. 

#2. Kissanime 

One of the most popular sites on the internet, best known for its strict ads policies, kissanime serves its users with a massive database of dubbed, subbed and Japanese anime series and movies. The user interface of kissanime is excellent but cluttered with advertisements that are malicious and scammy. 

You can use an adblocker or on kissanime, head over to the official Reddit thread r/kissanime, and follow the instructions of the pinned post to block ads on kissanime permanently. 

#3. Anime Streams 

Anime streams are just another anime streaming site with a pleasant interface. The site has a wonderful database of anime movies and series that is available both dubbed and subbed. 

The site is well-structured therefore you can easily find out your favorite Anime using the search box or the categories that are divided into sub-categories based on subbed and dubbed Anime. You can without any confuse select the category you prefer. 

#4. Anime Land 

Another website that is a fantastic JustDubs alternative, AnimeLand is free to use. The episodes are available in high quality; some of them are even in UHD. The site has an incredibly vast collection of anime series and movies. The site is now known as dubbed Anime, and the user interface is not so good, but if an excellent user interface is not a problem to you, AnimeLand is a perfect place for you. 

#5. Anime Heaven 

Anime heaven is another famous anime streaming site that provides you with the latest anime episodes each of them is labeled with dub and sub mark that indicates if the episode is purely in Japanese or have received a dubbed version and subtitles. 

Although, the site has pretty much everything an anime lover would look for there are a lot of ads that degrade the user experience. I would recommend you to use an adblocker and if you don’t mind the ads, at least don’t click on them. 

The menu of the site has eight categories which are Anime, Random, Schedule, Popular, Ongoing, Movies, Series, Dubbed Anime, you can choose the desired category and watch Anime for absolutely free. 

#6. KuroAni 

Adding another reliable alternative to our list of best-dubbed anime sites, KuroAni is a dubbed and subbed anime streaming site that has a grid system. All of the episodes are marked with dub and sub icon to indicate if the episode is subbed or dubbed. Alongside anime series, there are also some classic and popular cartoon shows available at KuroAni. 

The user interface of the site is pretty amazing with a black background and grey font. Although there are some ads that can be removed using an adblocker, the site has pretty much everything an anime freak would look for and is a perfect alternative to JustDubs. 

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#7. AnimeFrenzy 

AnimeFrenzy has a wide range of anime series and movies. They keep updating their database with the latest episodes and releases so that you never have to wait for the next episode of your on-going series. 

The site also has some cartoon series, which makes it a one-stop-shop for both cartoons and anime series. The categories section serves you with the on-going and scheduled Anime along with popular Anime, there is also a Random button that presents you a random anime. 

Overall, the site is pretty amazing and can be used as a daily source to stream Anime and cartoon in a dubbed version or with subtitles. The user interface is also pleasant with minimum ads that can be avoided using an adblocker. 

#8. OtakuStream 

OtakuStream is one of my favorite places to download the latest anime series although you have a choice to either stream or download the series. However, you need to register an account to download anything from the site. 

Overall, the site has an excellent user interface; you can also join the general discussion to discuss any upcoming movies or series, contact the administrator using the contact form for any broken link issues or a request. 

If you are watching Anime during the night, you can turn on the dark mode using a switch in the menu, and this is a pretty cool feature that a lot of anime sites have been implementing. 

Final Words 

The craze of Anime has been spread all over the world over the past few years. A lot of anime series have been released in multiple languages and while of the old anime series have been re-released with dubbing. 

JustDubs, however, provides everything an anime fan is looking for, but it is always good to have some alternatives in case JustDubs crashes or gets a permanent ban notice. As of writing, all of the sites are working as described, and the administrator might make further changes in the future.  

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