Lawsuit seeks to end Clearview AI’s operations in California


A month after Clearview AI was declared illegal in Canada, activists filed a lawsuit to shut down the company’s operations in California.

The complaint was filed Tuesday by two immigrant rights groups and four political activists.

They allege Clearview violated Californians’ privacy rights by scratching their photos and extracting their biometrics without obtaining their consent.

The lawsuit also argues that Clearview’s facial recognition technology facilitates government surveillance of protesters, immigrants and people of color.

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The software has reportedly been used by more than 2,400 law enforcement agencies. The plaintiffs allege that it is still in use by police in California – even though several cities in the state have banned the government’s use of facial recognition technology.

Sejal Zota, a senior lawyer in the case, said there can be no meaningful privacy in a company with Clearview:

Privacy is enshrined in the California constitution, ensuring that all Californians can lead their lives without fear of being watched and watched. Clearview AI turns this dynamic upside down, making it impossible to walk the streets without fear that your image may be captured, stored indefinitely by the company, and used against you at any time in the future.

The lawsuit seeks an immediate injunction that would prevent Clearview from collecting biometric data in California. It also aims to delete all personal data already collected by the company.

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Published March 10, 2021 – 17:18 UTC


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