Living Room Decorating Methods on a Learners Budget

Most people have an interest in decorating their spaces, and this expands beyond their bedrooms and into their living rooms. The same applies to students who can get creative and related ideas on room decorations at Living rooms have more significance as individuals tend to spend more of their time here, so making it cozy and functional becomes vital.

A Learner’s Budget Decorating Guidelines

Decorating the living room can be exciting when you decide to do it alone or as a joint venture with fellow housemates. It even doesn’t matter if you know them personally or not as you can use the activity as an ice breaker one weekend. So what are the decorating ideas for your living room, especially on a student budget?


Using lots of cushions for decorating your living room space is among the top ways of bringing life to the area. They bring a certain cosiness which is perfect in instances you aren’t sure or amused in the appearance and feel of your sofa. You can always change the comfort, style, and appearance of your couch using pillows.  Further, throw some pillows or cushions at your living room’s corner for extra sitting space in instances where your sitting area is limited.

Fairy lamps/lights

Most accommodation for students has bad natural lighting in many countries. It mostly isn’t enough or too harsh, which can hamper the productivity of the students. Fairy lights are vital when draped around the room as they add a cozy feeling besides accentuating the room’s appearance. You can also use a desk or floor lamps if you don’t fancy fairy lights to add and improve your living room’s lighting.

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Print pictures you have with friends or family and put them on the wall, especially those in college. However, if you don’t have enough, you can do a picture wall where you periodically add pictures as years and shared experiences increase. Additionally, you can swap photos with posters which can add a comfortable feel to any living room space.

Cleaning charts

It is a brilliant idea for students to have cleaning charts in the living room to remind individuals of their responsibility, especially in communal circumstances. Such a table can be ideal for a student who doesn’t have help from a cleaner to ensure the living room and the entire house is tidy.


Hang a calendar on the living room wall, especially if you are sharing the house with others. It can come in handy when you have exams as you can circle the dates when you need some quiet space so that your housemates excuse you. Birthdays and significant night events, including college events, can be included to create awareness among everyone within the household.


Plants can be a great addition to the living room space, especially in adding to the room’s colour and general appearance. Even better, you can make use of fake and cheap plants for the same purpose.


Rugs can offer the perfect remedy for individuals who hate cold floors and those not keen on carpets either. In as much as they don’t come cheap in most instances, careful rug source searches can help as there are sites with excellent price deals.

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Throws are perfect for accentuating cushions as they offer comfort and warmth in cold seasons. Apart from everything, throws look good and give the couch an elegant touch.

Reed diffuser

Most accommodations housing students often have crazy smells, and the most notorious is the kitchen areas and the living rooms. Having reed diffusers that have great appearance and gives fresh scent accentuates not only the room’s appearance but also the room’s air.


It is a great acquisition to add a personal touch and some color to your living space. You can buy or make one yourself depending on your personal preference and drape the bunters on the living room wall and enjoy your creation.


They accentuate the appearance of the table besides protecting them from damage. You can buy, and custom makes coasters by adding pictures.


Having a student budget can be very limiting and therefore, in most instances, result in haphazard living room decoration. The suggested tips will help you achieve a perfect room using means within your reach.

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