Master AWS, CompTIA, and more with this IT certification and training prep, now under $100


TLDR: With a 3-year subscription to ITU Online, users have access to over 220 IT training courses covering everything from cloud networking and storage to cybersecurity and beyond.

Information technology means a lot of different things to a lot of different organizations these days. Some may focus on transitioning all of their existing operations to the cloud. Others could be plagued by cybersecurity issues. Still others might try to build custom applications to streamline the efficiency and performance of their entire employee network.

Regardless of leadership, few organizations have the resources to employ IT staff responsible for each individual initiative. Therefore, an IT professional in demand today needs a solid knowledge base in a multitude of different technological fields and procedures, while constantly being ready to dive into something entirely new if the organization had to change priorities.

Knowing what you don’t know can be as important as what you do, so navigate to a ITU Online All-Access subscription ($ 99.50 for a 3-year subscription after the code LEARNIT from TNW Deals) can be the ultimate backstop, a store of training information ready to be consumed 24/7/365.

For nearly a decade, ITU Online has been one of the web’s premier outlets for fast and easy digital learning. With this membership, users have access to all of ITU’s course archives, a career advancement library ready whenever you take on a new area that you need to master quickly.

This collection includes over 220 courses containing a wide range of IT training, with instruction covering network administration skills, cloud deployment, database and server management, networking fundamentals, training in cybersecurity, the basics of technical support, etc.

Some of the training is vendor independent, while others go deeper into a specific manufacturer’s product, so users can become an expert in specific brand areas such as CompTIA training, Cisco networking equipment, Azure, AWS, and Microsoft cloud services, and beyond.

Once users have started an ITU course, they will benefit from features such as progress tracking, a note-taking section with a save function to secure grades, as well as a practical exam. There are also over 19,000 prep test questions to help students pass very important computer certification exams.

Whether you are looking to get started in IT work or just need to add some new training to your CV, the ITU Online All-Access: 3-year subscription can help you get there. Regularly valued at $ 399, a 36-month subscription is now 50% off its already reduced price as part of the ongoing semi-annual sale of TNW Deals. Use the LEARNIT password when checking out to lower the final price of this offer up to only $ 99.50.

Prices are subject to change.


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