Microsoft PowerPoint’s AI-powered coach will hone your presentation skills everywhere


I often had fun giving presentations because I wasn’t training enough or was nervous. Fortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint’s AI-powered coach can help you avoid these mistakes.

The trainer was first published in 2019 on the web. Now it is now deployed on all platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In coach mode, the AI ​​listens to your presentations and gives you suggestions based on your tone and your performance.

For example, it will warn you not to use too many “umm” and “ahh”. Additionally, the coach will ask you to vary your tone if your delivery is too flat.

I have used this feature on the Android app and the basic word and tone detection works fine. Once, when I was frustrated and said “fuck,” the coach reminded me to avoid using profanity.

Microsoft says AI also helps you pronounce words correctly. However, he is trained in “General American English” at the moment, so if you pronounce a word differently in your area, you can avoid the coach’s suggestions. If you think you are pronouncing a word incorrectly, Microsoft will suggest that you listen to the coach say it.