Microsoft Teams now offers AI-powered live meeting transcriptions


Microsoft Teams has a new AI-powered feature that eases the zone during endless online meetings.

The app launched a live transcription tool that creates a written recording of what was said in a meeting.

It identifies each speaker, captures the audio in “near real time” and generates a live transcription on the right side of the window. After the meeting, the recorded transcript will be available for download.

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Shalendra Chhabra, Teams Program Manager, said Microsoft has been working on the tool for years:

Delivering live transcription with high accuracy, minimal latency, and enterprise-wide profitability has been one of the toughest challenges in the industry. Over the past two years, we’ve made significant strides in solving this problem and dramatically improved our accuracy models using real-time meeting context and cutting-edge AI.

The feature uses details like meeting invitations, participant names, and attachments to automatically improve the accuracy of each transcript. Chhabra said that means no one at Microsoft ever sees the content.

He added that the models are automatically deleted after each meeting and that Microsoft will not use or store any of the data to improve its own AI.