Nissan puts a gasoline engine in a ‘100%’ electric car… WTF


I don’t even know where to start with this one. I will therefore proceed step by step.

Earlier today, Nissan, the Japanese auto company that usually has its head tight, posted a tweet. And that’s the most insane tweet I’ve ever read, and I’m Elon Musk.

The tweet describes Nissan’s ePower technology, which it says is a 100% electric motor system. Except it doesn’t, because it has a gasoline engine.

It is a 100% electric motor in the sense that only the electric motor is connected to the wheels, but the battery that powers it derives its energy from the combustion of fossil fuels. It uses the gasoline engine as a generator.

This is all a lot more convoluted and complicated than it should be. Just make more battery electric vehicles please Nissan.

It’s basically the same thing I say I’m vegan because I only eat 100% grass-fed beef. The cow is just a vehicle for my veganism. The wheels are powered by an electric motor, so the whole car is electric! No, Nissan, no.

Check out the madness for yourself below.

It’s not as if Nissan is hiding the fact that its Assumed electric car has a gasoline engine. The company even put together a nice flashy video detailing how it all works here.

But seriously, Nissan, come on! Play fast and freely with the expression “100% electric”, right?

The reality is it’s 100% electric motor driven, but if we go a little further up the chain it’s a gasoline engine burning dinojuice to charge the batteries that power this damn thing! It pollutes like any other gasoline vehicle!

And here’s my problem: Newcomers to the world of electric vehicles might see the phrase “100% electric…” and directly delve into the thought that they are getting a fully electric car when they are not.

Shame on you Nissan, everything was so beautiful, with your Leaf battery recycling efforts and everything.

With the shift to EVs comes enough nuance and new terminology, so the last thing we need are more complicated and finicky details to sort out. Please automakers around the world: keep it simple and don’t try to cheat.

It’s like Lexus and its “self-charging hybrids” all over again. Do we never learn?

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Published March 16, 2021 – 12:15 UTC


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