Oh great, now Netflix is copying TikTok too


Now, we’ve seen that once a new social media format becomes popular, every app wants to copy it. We’ve seen it happen after everyone and their moms copy Snapchat’s fleeting stories, and now we’re seeing it happen with short TikTok-style videos (which themselves are just copies of OG Vines. ).

Sometimes, however, these features even leave the realm of social media platforms. Case in point: Even Netflix is ​​copying TikTok now.

The company today officially unveiled a feature called Fast Laughs – first spotted late last year – which essentially lets you quickly browse through clips of comedies on the streaming platform.

The feature has its own tab at the bottom of the mobile app and allows users to play shows or movies directly from the clip, add them to your list to watch later, and share them with others. You can also react with a “ LOL ” to a clip, which I guess is how Netflix keeps track of how funny clips actually are.

While the TikTok format used here seems a bit cranky, the goal seems to be to help viewers find something to watch – the eternal challenge of any professional Netflix-er. If the company decided to go ahead with the feature after months of testing, it’s fair to assume that they found users liked it enough to make it worth keeping. , especially since it is so present in the application. Still, I can’t help but wish the functionality was a little more original, you know.

As often happens, the feature is rolled out to iOS users first. A few Android users can see it now, but it’s unclear when it might become widely available. The feature also appears to be mobile-exclusive – don’t expect you to be able to scroll Fast Laughs on your TV anytime soon.

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