Onboard new employees and transfer knowledge easier with this learning management system


TLDR: The Coassemble Learning Management System makes it easy to create online training for businesses of all sizes.

Every founder wants to grow his business from one individual group to the next big thing. Of course, the more a business grows and hires new people, the less each of those newbies is tied to the founding principles. Messages are watered down, procedures change when no one is watching, and before you know it, ideas that were originally the cornerstones of the business can be forgotten.

Or sum it up to something even more basic: Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your employees were trained to the same standards of good practice, all working from the same manual?

Coassemble ($ 63 for a lifetime subscription with the code DOWNLOADIT TNW Deals for a limited time) was founded on the premise that business information should be shared, so their learning management system helps convey that precise business knowledge internally so that it is accessible to the founders. until the last recruit.

Coassemble is a training platform that allows any business to create exactly the online training tools they want. And rather than hiring an expensive production house to produce training videos or course manuals, Coassemble helps you create all of these resources right on your own device.

Creators are given over 40 different customizable interactive drag and drop templates for you to practice. Once your engaging interactive course is completed, it’s accessible to viewers on any device, even dynamically updating if you decide to make a change.

With the training course ready, Coassemble makes it easy to send registrations by email to anyone who needs to take the training so that they can attend and complete the course themselves.

But training is only of value if used correctly, so the analytics built into Coassemble allow creators to track each member’s progress throughout training. Their detailed numbers make it easy to see how each training is going with your audience by group, by lesson, or even by each quiz or assignment included in the course.

Coassemble also integrates seamlessly with all kinds of other technology platforms, including Slack, Salesforce, Gmail, Trello, Shopify, Mailchimp, and more.

You can open your company’s online training campus now with a Co-Assemble lifetime subscription plan covering up to 250 active users with unlimited course creation, custom subdomains, unlimited storage and beyond.

Valued at close to $ 2,400, you can sign up for the Coassemble learning management system now and save an additional 30% on the already reduced price by adding the code DOWNLOADIT at checkout. This brings the semi-annual selling price of your TNW offerings down to only $ 63. For a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.


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