How to Fix One AirPod (Left or Right) Not Working?

If you’re an Airpod user and your one Airpod not working properly then this article is for you because in this article we’re going to discuss How you can easily Fix One Airpod (Left or Right) not working?

This problem occurs in many Airpods were one of the Airpod stops is working properly. To fix this you have to do some configurations in your settings. So, follow the steps which help you to get rid of this problem.

how to fix one airpod not working

How to Fix One AirPod Not Working?

Step 1: Open your Settings

Firstly, unlock your iPhone or iPad and find the icon of settings in your phone menu. Once you find this icon then tap on it and follow the next step.

Step 2: Open your Bluetooth

Once your settings will open then find the option of Bluetooth and tap on it. After that find the name of your Airpod and tap on the ‘i’ option which is placed in the right of the name of your Airpod.

Step 3: Forget your Device

Now, find the option of ‘Forget this Device’ and make a tap on it. This will forget your device from your bluetooth connectivity.

Note: Make sure that both of your Airpods are placed on their case (Charging case). You can also take care of your Airpods and are well charged.

Step 4: Find a button on your Airpods

Now, find a button that is placed on the bottom side of your Airpods screen. This button will attain the same color as the charging case. Find this button and follow the next step.

Step 5: Press that button for 15 seconds

Once you find the button then press it and hold it for 15 seconds. Once you press that button for 15 seconds then the light will come which ensures that your AirPods are activated.

  • If you have the first generation AirPod then the status light will be placed in the charging case.
  • If your AirPods are a 2nd generation Pro version then this status light will present outside the charging case.

Step 6: Reopen your Lid

After opening your lid, close your lid and after that reopen it. After that place, you do not work the AirPod near your iPhone and open it. Your Bluetooth to reconnect it.

After receiving the pop-up of connecting your AirPod tap to connect. Also, check out How to Fix iPhone Voicemail Full Issue When It’s Not?

By completing this process you can easily solve the problem of One Airpod not working. If this process doesn’t help you then follow the steps given to reset your network settings.

  • Go to your settings.
  • Now, find the option of General settings in the menu and tap on it.
  • After that find the option of “Reset” and tap on it.
  • Now, find the option of Reset Network settings and tap on it.
  • After that try to repair your not working Airpod.

Final Words:

By following this above process you can easily solve the problem of One AirPod not working (Left or Right). If this problem is still not solved then I suggest you visit the service center of the iPhone.

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