Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound solution aims to improve wireless audio on smartphones


Chipmaker Qualcomm is launching a new end-to-end audio solution called Snapdragon Sound to deliver high-quality wireless sound to phones.

Smartphone sound is not always at its best when listening to music or playing games through wireless headphones. You may experience quality drops, issues, or latency issues.

Snapdragon Sound aims to solve all of these problems with a series of existing and new hardware and software solutions, including processors, DACs (digital to analog converters) and codecs.

Now, we can’t really figure out what “best” audio means until we talk about a few numbers. Snapdragon Sound claims to achieve three things: 24-bit 96kHz signal support for music, 32kHz sample rate support for calls, and 89ms latency for videos and games.

For consumers, this mainly means that you can listen to high fidelity music on your smartphone, take calls without any audio drop, and play games or watch movies without sound lag.

If you don’t understand what this kHz means, please read this explanation of audio sample rate by my colleague Callum. DO IT.