Quantitative analysis is changing how cryptocurrency investing gets done. This course can introduce you to its powers


Quantitative analysis is changing the way cryptocurrency investing is done.  This course can introduce you to ...

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TLDR: Training in quantitative analysis can help you understand the tools and methods for using hardcore data science to help invest, especially in cryptocurrencies.

If you’re a baseball fan, you might have already figured out the latest investing craze.

Almost 20 years ago Michael Lewis’s groundbreaking book, Moneyball shed light on the change in the baseball economy as savvy clubs used advanced analytics to gauge player performance in new ways, redefining what mattered in modern play and what didn’t. Armed with these new metrics, the teams were actually looking to earn more, all based on algorithms and statistical analysis.

Moneyball has also come to Wall Street in the form of quantitative analysis. The courses in the Quantitative Crypto Trading Strategies for Intermediate to Advanced Learners ($ 144.99, 74% off, from TNW Deals) explain this new phenomenon, specifically how it intersects with one of the most explosive and volatile areas of investing in 2021: cryptocurrencies.

The training through this collection of three courses is substantial, diving headlong into the tools and techniques that enable cutting-edge investors to use computer algorithms, hardcore statistical modeling, and a host of mathematical formulas to do what seems impossible: stay one step ahead of the rest of the investing world.

The Quantitative trading strategies and models The course opens the training, as learners explore the basics of this highly sophisticated approach to investing. By understanding ideas such as time series analysis and business models like Arima and Garch, new students can not only analyze these strategies in a live market, but also gain hands-on experience by coding three distinct trading strategies, each based on different market factors.

In Crypto trading strategies: intermediate, the emphasis is on understanding the ups and downs of crypto trading, including the risks of dabbling in this highly fluctuating arena. But by using these tactics, you can mitigate some of these risks. In this course, learners use Python coding to create three divergent intraday trading strategies, each based on the use of different key variables.

Then Crypto Trading Strategies: Advanced Combine learning about quantitative analysis and knowledge of cryptocurrency with next-level automation. Using tools like machine learning and statistical arbitrage, learners can make the investment process more manageable while making better, smarter, and faster decisions that aren’t based on guesswork.

Each course in the Quantitative Crypto Trading Strategies for Intermediate to Advanced Learners Bundle is priced between $ 129 and $ 249, but with the current offering you can get all three for much less than the regular price of one. It is only $ 144.99, 74% off the standard price.

Prices are subject to change.


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