Recreate the Suez Canal ship jam anywhere on the globe with this map


It finally happened: the gigantic Ever Given freighter that was blocking the Suez Canal and blocking traffic has finally been released by rescue teams. It’s likely caused many sleepless nights for expedition crews and importers around the world over the past week – but it also gave the world a cargo of relatable memes and a good laugh for a minute there.

This does not mean that you should stop humming the songs of the sea and forget the Given Ever in your mind.

Drop anchor on this page and play with the interactive map, which allows you to move the famous ship anywhere on the globe to block other waterways, compare it to the size of the most water body near you, or drop it on dry land to add it to your list of city landmarks.

It’s fun to see how much trouble this 400m long ship can and cannot cause. For example, it wouldn’t really block traffic on the English Channel, the busiest waterway in the world, but it could certainly annoy a lot of people on the Panama Canal.

The Ever Given causing a hell of a kerfuffle on the Panama Canal