Seoul’s smart poles will soon be able to charge drones and EVs


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Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is installing new “ smart poles ” that serve as street lights, traffic lights, environmental sensors, step counters, smartphone chargers, Wi-Fi hotspots, video surveillance, etc.

Twenty-six smart poles have already been installed in six districts of the city, the functions of each pole being adapted to the needs of its location in the city.

SMG plans to continue deploying the poles and piloting a version of the infrastructure that can also charge drones and electric vehicles, and detect parking violations.

The city plans to use drones to ‘monitor potential disasters and emergency relief efforts’, and later this year the drones will be able to recharge from the top of the poles while sending data back to SMG . A city spokesperson said the project was in the planning stage.

Smart city project

When the street infrastructure needs to be replaced or installed, SMG will integrate it into the smart poles where possible to reduce costs and reduce clutter.

Lee Won-Mok, Director General of Smart Cities Policy at Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “Smart poles help to effectively consolidate somewhat elaborate road facilities, not only retaining their innate functions, but also emphasizing evidence various intelligent technological features.

“These S-Poles are expected to improve cityscapes and improve the safety, well-being and convenience of our Seoul citizens. They will also serve as charging stations for drones and electric vehicles, allowing the city to become a smart city. “