Spotify has launched a trio of new personalized playlists


Spotify has launched a trio of new personalized playlists that evolve according to your musical tastes.

The streaming service announced today that it is introducing a mix of artists, mix of genre, and mix of decade. The feature is already being rolled out to free and premium users around the world.

Mixes use Spotify’s vaunted recommendation algorithms to organize playlists based on your listening habits.

They’ll include your favorite songs from the artists, genres, and decades you listen to most often, as well as new tracks that the app says you’ll like.

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Spotify says that each mix category will offer multiple playlists that will be updated frequently:

They’re designed to grow with you over time, so they’ll factor in your listening to help you discover and dive deeper into your favorite new artist, genre, or decade.

You can find the new playlists under “Search” in the Spotify “Made For You” hub.

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Published March 31, 2021 – 19:04 UTC


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