Spotify’s desktop app gets a revamped UI, downloads, and improved playlist curation


Spotify is launching a recently redesigned desktop application today by aligning it with the interface of its mobile applications. There are a lot of new features in this updated app, but for me the best is the ability to download songs for premium users.

Usually you download songs to your phone when traveling or when the network is spotty. But I think downloading them to the desktop is also important. This can be useful when you forgot to download an album to your phone while taking a flight or you just don’t want to use your phone for a while.

Plus, whenever Spotify’s Hi-Fi service arrives, you can listen to your tracks offline with a better audio setup that plugs into your desktop than your phone when your internet service is choppy.

Apart from that, Spotify makes it easy to create and find playlists. Now you can add images and descriptions to your playlists so that other people easily understand what it’s about. To create a new playlist, you can now drag and drop songs, or even find new tracks directly through the built-in search bar in the playlist view.